Interview Prepration Tool – Stack Quiz

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I’ve been interviewing around these days, believe it or not, sites on the StackExchange network actually have great sets of practical problems that are likely to be asked during an interview. For the interviews I’ve had, they’re all geared towards solving real applicational problems. Practicing solving problems people ask online can be a great way to get yourself up to speed, it’s even better when you can cross check with the most upvoted answers right the way.

So I spent a few hours this week building this handy little tool.

Start by selecting a StackExchange site. Eg. Electrical Engineering or Stack Overflow

Then type in a topic of interest, hit enter.

My backend now will query the StackExchange API and grab the top results. This might take a few seconds.

Once all the cards are up, read the questions, try to solve them yourself, then click “Toggle Answers” to see the answers. The answers cards will be tabbed by the number of upvotes.

To-do list:

Add MathJax interpreter

Allow lazy loading

Cache popular queries to reduce API calls


This tool is built as a Django App. If you would like to contribute, clone the repo and place it in a Django boilerplate server. Then add “stackQuiz” to “INSTALLED_APPS” list in, also don’t forget to route the endpoint to the app via

StackExchange gives any user up to 300 free queries a day. If you would like to get more while developing, you can sign up for a free API key.

Happy hacking!