Social Distancing Works – New Zealand is a Living Example

With New Zealand’s announcement that they have managed contain the coronavirus one month after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern placed the country in strict lockdown, I can’t help to wonder how they managed to contain the disease so effectively. How come […]

See Ahead of the Curve, a COVID-19 Visualization Tool

Try it yourself: I built this tool to better visualize COVID-19 data through the lens of simple mathematics. I hope you find the graphics helpful when trying to get a grasp on this complex situation. This is a good […]

Interview Prepration Tool – Stack Quiz

Try it at : I’ve been interviewing around these days, believe it or not, sites on the StackExchange network actually have great sets of practical problems that are likely to be asked during an interview. For the interviews I’ve had, they’re […]

[Tutorial] How to Build Your Own MacBook Pro for $700 Dollars

Disclaimer: This hack is for learning purposes only, not for commercial use. No, it’s not a click bait. With enough determination, you can make this happen for you too! But be warned, this hack is not for the faint hearted. […]

Please describe an example of a system that you worked on from start to finish that you are most proud of

I was asked this question for a job application. Something hit me and I started to stream our thoughts from my memory to the keyboard. I thought this is a worthwhile story. Just going to paste it below. ———————————————————————— I am […]

Trivi, A simple bot that seeks answer to trivia questions from the Internet

I was playing the trivia game HQ with a friend yeaterday. We ended up shamefully googling some answers to the questions in the game. We were able to find most answers to the question in the first wiki page that […]